Board of Directors Responsibilities

  • Cabarrus Meals on Wheels - Board of DirectorsParticipate in a formal New Board Member Orientation.
  • Serve a 3-year term on the Board.
  • Understand the importance of why you have been asked to serve on the Board, and make your particular expertise, contacts, and resources known and accessible.
  • Attend at least 75% of the regular meetings of the Board.  Call or email in advance to let the Chairperson of the Board know you will not be in attendance.
  • Attend all special activities of the Board, including fundraising events, retreats etc. Every Board Member is expected to work on at least one fundraising event.
  • Generate support from friends and other contacts. 
  • Spend at least one day a year at the “person served” level- delivering meals
  • Serve on two Board Committees
  • Assist in the recruitment of board members, volunteers and committee members to augment the board.
  • Make a personal financial contribution to organization and sell 10 tickets to our soup event.
  • Function as a goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for organization and its programs. 
  • Expand the organization’s  network through friends, relatives and colleagues who can help meet needs in areas such as fundraising, public relations, education, and acquisition of "office supplies" (computers, copier machines, etc.).
  • Stay well-informed about our business by carefully reading minutes of the Board meetings, financial statements and other materials. 
  • Show up at board meetings prepared, having read all pre-meeting materials you may have received.
  • Take seriously your legal, fiscal and ethical responsibility as a Board member. 
  • Notice community activities and legal/political developments, etc. which may impact on the agency and/or its programs and bring them up at Board meetings. 
  • Be familiar with the by-laws.
  • Keep your Board "files" up-to-date by adding new materials as you receive them.
  • Once Board consensus is reached on a policy or program is openly supportive even if you disagreed during approval process.  If you cannot support Board actions or policies once approved, resign.


Do you have questions, feedback, or want to volunteer? Give us a call, tweet us, send us a smoke signal, or drop by our offices.

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