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Fueling Lives for 50 Years!

In 2024, Cabarrus Meals on Wheels (CMOW) is celebrating a significant milestone—our 50th anniversary. Throughout the year, we plan to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, compassionate volunteers, and committed board members for their invaluable contributions through events, videos, stories, and more!

Over the past five decades, our organization has grown and evolved, touching the lives of countless individuals through the provision of meals and companionship. This anniversary is a testament to the enduring commitment of everyone involved, and we take this moment to reflect on the impact we’ve made together. Thank you for 50 years of unwavering support, dedication, and compassion as we continue to serve our community with renewed vigor and a deep sense of purpose.


Meals Served
(1974 through 2023)

Over 13,000

Clients Fed
(1974 through 2023)

Over 12,500

(1974 through 2023)


Meal Routes

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Celebrate With Us All Year!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

March 27, 2024
with The Chamber

Volunteer Appreciation

April 17, 2024
RSVP Required

Hunger Hustle 5K & Fun Run

April 27, 2024
8:30am Fun Run
9am Race

Groovy Gala

October 19, 2024

From Humble Beginnings: Tracing Our Growth Story

As we celebrate 50 remarkable years of service, we invite you to embark on a nostalgic journey through our rich history. This timeline serves as a testament to half a century of unwavering commitment to our community. Join us in reflecting on the milestones that have shaped our organization, fueled by the spirit of compassion and the dedication of those who have made our mission a reality. As we look back, we honor the past and, with gratitude, pave the way for the future of Cabarrus Meals on Wheels.

  • Aug 1974
    Program Founding

    The need for a local Meals on Wheels program was determined in a survey by the Salisbury District of United Methodist Churches.

  • Oct 1974
    First Board & Bylaws

    Bylaws were established for Concord Meals on Wheels and the first board was elected.

  • Feb 3, 1975
    First Delivery

    The first deliveries went out to eight clients by four drivers.

  • 1975
    2,275 Meals Served

    Volunteers ran the program and meals were prepared by Cabarrus County Schools and Cabarrus Nursing Center. 2,275 meals were served, 7-16 daily. There were 34 volunteers.

  • 1977
    Service Growth: Kannapolis and Name Change

    Our service expanded to Kannapolis and we changed our name to Cabarrus Meals on Wheels.  We also became a United Way Agency.

  • 1978
    Service Growth: Mount Pleasant

    Our service expanded to Mount Pleasant.

  • May 1986
    New Facility Location

    Cabarrus Meals on Wheels moves to a new location on 56 McCachern Blvd.

  • 1989
    Service Growth

    Our service expanded to Harrisburg.

  • 1990
    25,189 Meals Served

    25,189 meals were served to 225 clients on 10 routes.

  • 1992
    Service Growth: Midland

    Our service expanded to include Midland and the Flowes Store Road area.

  • 1994
    36,814 Meals Served

    Service expanded to Miami Church Road area with the addition of a fifth Concord delivery route. 36,814 meals were served to 284 clients on 13 routes.

  • 1996
    First Fundraiaing Event

    Our first fundraising luncheon and silent auction was held.

  • 2000
    Collaborated with Department of Aging

    We collaborated with the Department of Aging to obtain funding to expand service to those on our wait list and those living in areas outside our current delivery areas.

  • 2003
    Inaugural Sunday Soup Sampling

    Cabarrus Meals on Wheels held the first Sunday Soup Sampling fundraising event.

  • 2005
    Service Growth: Weekend Frozen Meals

    We obtained a United Way Focus Grant to provide weekend frozen meals for 20 routes.

  • 2007
    Over 300 Clients

    We surpassed serving 300 clients per day.

  • Nov 2008
    One-Millionth Meal Served

    In our 34th year of operation, we served our one-millionth meal.

  • 2009
    New Facility Location & Meals Prepared In Our Own Kitchen

    We moved to 1701 S Main St, Kannapolis, NC and began preparing fresh daily meals in our own kitchen.

  • 2011
    Service Growth: 30 Routes

    Service expanded to open our 30th route to the Logan Community area.

  • 2020
    COVID-19 Pandemic

    We never missed one day delivering meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Sept 2020
    New Facility Location

    We moved into a new facility with over 10,000 sq. ft. located at 342 Penny Lane in Concord with a 3,000 sq. ft. commercial kitchen.

  • 2024
    New Logo Launch

    We launched a new logo created to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Jan 1, 2024

Anniversary Logo Launch

Brand Evolution

Explore our iconic logos, that capture the essence of our organization’s growth, resilience, and unwavering dedication to serving the community over the years. Each logo represents a chapter in our journey, reflecting the evolving nature of our mission and the enduring impact of our services.




Our newest logo symbolizes our commitment to food delivery, incorporating fork and spoon elements while conveying the speed and motion of our service, previously represented by a car.

However, we also wanted to show that more than a meal, we care for our clients in so many ways with the simple heart around the word “on”. We feel this logo brings a fresh look to increase our brand recognition and awareness to our mission.

Leadership Over the Years: A Historical Overview

Ms. Anna Pat Bailey, First Executive Director
  • 1974-1977

    No Executive Director. Board and volunteer run.

  • 1977-1986

    Anna Pat Bailey

    Went from serving 14 people to serving 104.
  • 1986-1988

    Mary Alice Garrison

  • 1988-1992

    Connie Manchester

  • 1992-1997

    Kareen Scott

  • 1997-1998

    Danielle Hunter

  • 1998

    Patricia LeNeave

  • 1999-2000

    Sue Price

  • 2000-2003

    Tammy Cochran

  • 2003-2006

    Ann Davis

  • 2006-Present

    Kimberly Strong

    Kimberly is currently leading Cabarrus Meals on Wheels as the Executive Director for her 18th year.

Cooking Through the Ages: The Story of Our Meal Prep and Kitchen Evolution

• 1975 – Meals were prepared by Cabarrus County Schools and Cabarrus Nursing Center.

• 1978 – Cabarrus Memorial Hospital began meal preparation.

• 2009 – Began preparing meals fresh daily in own kitchen in new location in Kannapolis.

By preparing our meals in-house within our own kitchen, we not only save money but also enjoy greater flexibility in crafting our menu. We undergo health department evaluations four times a year. Our exceptional kitchen staff ensures a clean and attentive environment, as evidenced by the impressive 100 ratings received.

• 2021 – Purchased new building in Concord with 3,000 SF commercial kitchen.

Operating from our previous kitchen in the Kannapolis location, we reached full capacity. The demand, as indicated by a waitlist, underscored the community’s need. With our new and spacious facility, equipped with a larger kitchen, we can now extend our services to provide over 1,000 meals daily.

We now even have the space to store pet food donations for our Pet Food Assistance Program.

Volunteer Stories

Clarence and Ella Clark receive a hot meal from Cabarrus County United Way Meals on Wheels volunteer, Ada Burris. All three were Cannon Mills retirees who worked at Plant 5, Concord. Programs like Meals on Wheels were made possible at that time, in part, thanks to donations by Cannon employees.

In 2014, the “Gilead Ladies” were awarded the Gold State Award from the Cabarrus County Extension and Community Association (ECA). These ladies have delivered every day on Route 16 for decades.

Howard Starnes was the recipient of the 1996 Kannapolis Volunteer Citizens “Silver Award.” Starnes was nominated by CMOW for delivering meals for 17 years throughout the area.

IBM and its employees were strong supporters of CMOW in the late 80s both financially and as volunteers as part of their commitment to United Way. At that time, one article estimated over 1,000 IBM employees lived in Cabarrus County and a total of 99 people were receiving hot meals back then.

Former Miss United States & Miss World runner-up, Elizabeth Safrit volunteers to deliver in 2015.

Cabarrus Academy kindergartners adopted Meals on Wheels for a community service project in 1989. They made each client a greeting card, watched Cabarrus Memorial Hospital prepare the meals, and delivered meals to elderly shut-ins.

Calling all volunteers!

Share your inspiring story with us! Fill out our form for a chance to be featured in an upcoming monthly newsletter. Your dedication deserves recognition!

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