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Leadership Over the Years

head shots of Leadership over the years

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, it’s impossible not to recognize the pivotal role that leadership has played in shaping its trajectory. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a pillar in the community, each leader has left an indelible mark on this organization’s legacy.

1974-1977: Board and Volunteers

During its inception, Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, then Concord Meals on Wheels, operated without an Executive Director, relying instead on the dedication of its board members and volunteers to carry out its mission of serving those in need. The initial board oversaw the first delivery on February 3, 1975, to eight clients by four drivers.

1977-1986: Anna Pat Bailey

Under the guidance of Anna Pat Bailey, the first Executive Director, the program experienced significant growth, expanding its services from serving 14 individuals in Concord to reaching 104 recipients in the community. This was accomplished with the decision to expand service to Kannapolis in 1977, changing the name to Cabarrus Meals on Wheels and adding Mount Pleasant the following year.


1986-1988: Mary Alice Garrison

Mary Alice Garrison took the helm, continuing the organization’s mission of providing nutritious meals to those unable to prepare their own. Her leadership ensured that the legacy of compassion and care persisted.



1988-1992: Connie Manchester

Connie Manchester brought her vision and dedication to Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, further strengthening its commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of the community. She oversaw the expansion of services move to include Harrisburg. By 1990, over 25,000 meals were served to 225 clients on 10 meal delivery routes.


1992-1997: Kareen Scott

Under Kareen Scott’s leadership, Cabarrus Meals on Wheels continued to thrive, expanding its reach and impact throughout the county. Service was expanded to Midland and the Flowes Store Road area in 1992 and by 1994, almost 37,000 meals had been served and our client list had grown to 284 homebound seniors. Due to the continued growth of the program, Kareen oversaw the first fundraising event in 1996 where the community and volunteers were invited to a luncheon with a silent auction.

1997-1998: Danielle Hunter, 1998: Patricia LeNeave, 1999-2000: Sue Price

Between 1997-2000, Danielle Hunter, Patricia LeNeave, and Sue Price navigated new challenges with resilience and determination, remaining steadfast in its mission to provide meals and support to those in need. The brief but impactful leadership of each of these directors contributed to the organization’s ongoing success, laying the groundwork for future growth and development.

2000-2003: Tammy Cochran

Under Tammy Cochran’s guidance, Cabarrus Meals on Wheels continued to evolve, adapting to the changing needs of the community while remaining true to its core values of compassion and service. In 2000, Tammy collaborated with the Department of Aging to obtain funding to expand service to individuals on a service waitlist and to include some living in areas outside of the current delivery areas – establishing new routes.

2003-2006: Ann Davis

Ann Davis provided steady leadership during her tenure, guiding the organization through both challenges and triumphs with grace and resilience. Ann oversaw the inaugural Sunday Soup Sampling fundraiser that the community has come to love over the years plus obtained a United Way Focus Grant. The United Way Focus Grant allowed for another growth spurt with funding to cover providing frozen weekend meals to clients on 20 routes.

2006-Present: Kimberly Strong

Kimberly Strong has served as the Executive Director of Cabarrus Meals on Wheels for an impressive 18 years, leading with unwavering dedication and passion. Under her leadership, the organization has not only continued to thrive, providing essential support to countless seniors and disabled adults in the community, but has grown to serving over 400 clients every weekday on 30 meal delivery routes surpassing 1 million meals served.

Kimberly impressively navigated never missing a day of meal delivery to clients during the COVID pandemic, and orchestrated the purchase and move into the Cabarrus Meals on Wheels forever home facility boasting a 3,000 sq. ft. commercial kitchen with the space to continue growing to serve the aging population of our community over the next 50 years! Learn more about Kimberly and her accomplishments here.


As we celebrate the legacy of leadership at Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, we honor the vision, dedication, and compassion of each individual who has contributed to its success. Their tireless efforts have transformed the lives of countless individuals and families, leaving an enduring impact on our community.

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