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Betsy standing by meal route coolers

Retirement Launchpad: Betsy’s Inspirational Volunteer Dedication

Retirement typically signals the start of a new chapter, characterized by relaxation and leisure. Yet, for Betsy B. Shore retirement has served as a gateway to a fulfilling voyage of service and compassion. Over the past 27 years, Betsy has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to volunteering with Cabarrus Meals on Wheels (CMOW), showcasing how retirement can be a chance to create a significant difference within the community. Upon retiring, Betsy found herself seeking ways to fill her newfound free time with meaningful activities and new friends. It was during this search that she discovered CMOW,...

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Jerry Clark volunteering at the CMOW Soup Sampling

Jerry’s Story: Volunteering with Cabarrus Meals on Wheels

Jerry Clark’s journey with Cabarrus Meals on Wheels (CMOW) began 5 years ago as a way to fill his time after retirement, but it quickly evolved into a deeply fulfilling mission. For Jerry, the significance of his role extends far beyond delivering meals; it’s about being a lifeline of connection for those who may otherwise feel isolated. As he reflects on the unique importance of CMOW in the community, he emphasizes the organization’s commitment to ensuring every individual receives a daily meal, promoting both physical sustenance and emotional well-being. Jerry’s experience...

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